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Bhai Bahen (1), 1969

Bhai Bahen (Brother, Sister), 1969 

showcard, c. 1969, 73 X 44 cm (17.3 X 28.7 inches) 
tinted gelatin silver print and poster paint on textured board with hand-lettering
set of 2 showcards   (what is a showcard?)

Bhai Bahen is an epic melodrama starring Sunil Dutt and some of the biggest stars of 1960s Hindi cinema.

Sunil Dutt enjoyed a successful early career in radio, then shot to fame after he co-starred with Nargis in Mother India, a definitive Hindi cultural film classic.  Sunil and Nargis married in 1958 after he braved a raging fire on the film set to save her.  They were a prominent Bollywood couple and had 3 children.  His career expanded into directing and producing, and he eventually launched his son Sanjay's acting career directing a remake of the Hollywood classic Rocky in 1981.  
Sunil Dutt became a politician and joined the Indian National Congress in 1984.  He became the Member of Parliament  for Mumbai North West, though his political career suffered during 1990s when his son Sanjay was jailed following implications in Mumbai's Hindu-Muslim clashes.  
Sunil Dutt died suddenly in 2005 and his seat in parliament was later won by his daughter Priya Dutt.

The film Bhai Bahen (1969) was produced by B.S. Ranga, and directed by A. Bhimsingh.  Music by Shankar Jaikishan, colour, Hindi, starring Sunil Dutt, Ashok Kumar, Padmini, Helen, and Pran.

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