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Loafer, 1973

Loafer, 1973

showcard, c. 1973, 52 X 38 cm (20.5 X 15 inches)
gelatin silver print and poster paint on textured board with hand-lettering
(what is a showcard?)

Loafer was a huge success at the Indian box office 1973.  The film co-stars Mumtaz, Dharmendra and Om Prakash in a dramatic story of gangsters, smuggling, and betrayal. The dazzling costumes, scenes in a balloon cabaret, and popular soundtrack have made this film an  1970s ultra-masala classic.  

Mumtaz was one of Hindi cinema's most successful actresses, winning a Filmfare Best Actress Award in 1970 and ultimately earning a Filmfare Lifetime Achievement award in 1997.  

The film Loafer (1973) was produced by R.C. Kumar and directed by A Bhimsingh.  Music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Colour, Hindi, starring Dharmendra, Mumtaz, Om Prakash, and Padma Khanna.

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